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Spinal Care

When the body is aligned with the head, the complex linkage between our body and brain is open and optimized, and normal function is restored throughout the body and brain. The two do not function independently. The first stage of healing is to restore this anatomical connection between the brain and the body. That’s what alignment is all about.

What is Supportive Care?

Support your upper cervical alignment with next-gen techniques including SOT, Activator, Corrective Exercises, and soft tissue techniques to sustain your atlas correction. We have seen clinically that as you utilize these secondary techniques, the atlas will hold longer.

How Does it Work?

Muscles provide mobility and also limit mobility. Muscles are the dynamic stabilizers of the CCJ, and ligaments are the static stabilizers. Both are in constant contact with the nervous system. Muscles can be reprogrammed and balanced with supportive care.


Even if the static stabilizers (ligaments) are unstable from injury or overuse, muscles and repetitive firing of neurological loops can be activated to reprogram the functional relationships of the head and neck. Even if the muscles have become imbalanced, weak and lost their programming of alignment.  Maintaining this alignment is how we heal. We heal our form through reprogramming our function over time. Neuroscientist Joe Dispensa has proven that the brain is rewired by firing our neurons in a different way. The architecture of the brain is literally changed when we ask it to do something different over time.

Screen Shot 2022-10-28 at 9.20.25 PM.png

What Can I Expect?

These technique allows us to be precise and adjust you using the least amount of force possible. This painless adjustment enables us to refrain from doing any cracking or popping of the neck or back. As your upper cervical chiropractic doctor, our goal is to have to adjust you as least as possible. This is because true healing occurs when you maintain your adjustment and alignment. We call this “living clear”, and we invite you to experience it!

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