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Gentle Adjustment

What is an Activator?

Activator is a low-force instrument technique that doesn’t rely on twisting the spine. It uses a protocol that is able to find any secondary chiropractic issues once the atlas is addressed. This is due to the fact that the atlas typically clears out 80-90% of the issues.

How Does it Work?

There are several benefits that come with the activator. The first one is that you are able to adjust a patient while lying face down which is more comfortable for the patient, but also prevents the joint from jamming up while trying to adjust it. Typically, with traditional adjustments, patients tend to guard their body or tense up since it’s uncomfortable to feel like you are being twisted like a pretzel. This isn’t the case with activator.

What Can I Expect?

More than just comfort, the activator is able to be more precise and is 300x faster than a traditional adjustment. When you are getting an adjustment, there are three crucial elements to have it succeed: precision, speed and effectiveness. All three are synonyms for the activator.

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